Some features include: -

  • Fully compliant with RoHS, WEEE, ELV optimized application
  • Precious Metal Analysis application (Gold, Silver, Platinum other Jewelry etc.)
  • Thin film or complex multi-layer plating Thickness Measurement application
  • Other customer interesting elements analysis application

  • RoHS analysis result on plastic standard
      Jewelry   PVC standards
    Ele. Given Value Measured Value Ele. Given Value Measured Value
    Pt 100 % 99.99 % Pb 400 ppm 406 ppm
    Pt 97 % 97.02 % Cd 100 ppm 102 ppm
    Au 100 % 99.99 % Hg 200 ppm 191 ppm
    Au 76.3 % 76.18 % Cd 400 ppm 415 ppm
    Au 51.8 % 51.67 % Br 500 ppm 520 ppm
    Chamber Size
    Slotted Chamber W610mm D670mm H490mm

    Weight 75 KG (Net)
    Usable Sample Area W550mm D550mm H30mm
    X-Ray Tube
    Rh (Ag, Mo) target, 1-50KV, 1.0mA current. Micro Focused
    Filer System
    5 filter with auto-changer primary filter system
    Collimator System
    Form 0.1mm to 3.0mm up to 6 collimators with auto collimator changer.
    Customer selected collimator size (optional for special application).
    X-Ray Detector
    Electronic Peltier cooled Silicon semiconductor (PIN diode) detector.
    No liquid nitrogen gas, detector resolution 149eV FWHM at 5.9Kev
    Video System
    Color CCD camera magnification approx, 20X zoom depend on monitor size or 100X zoom (optional) Electronic crosshair with Collimator Circle
    Analysis Sample
    Solid, liquid & Powder.
    Detection Range
    From Al(13) to U(92) 1ppm ďż˝ 100wt% (Vacuum Optional)
    Radiation Safety
    Fully protected, fail safe system auto shut down regarding door sensor, shutter sensor, temperature sensor, designed X-Ray safety
    Main Supply
    110/220V AC power 50/60Hz
    Spectrum Processing
    Digital Pulse Processing. Auto Peak ID, Various Intensity method -Gross, Net, Digital Filter, background removal
    Deadtime correction, density correction, Spectrum auto-scaling
    Control System
    Desktop or notebook with windows 2000/XP/Vista environment
    RoHS WEEE ELV optimized application
    FP Method
    Qualitative material analysis up to 30 elements without sample preparation
    Calibration Method
    Quantitative material analysis with standards calibration
    Plating thickness measurement application up to 6 layers
    Data Output
    MS-EXCEL or HTML or database format user creative customized report

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    The XRF systems offer graphical viewing for its measurement windows and reporting.
    Graphical Display
    A Graphical User Interface (GUI) based Measurement Windows enables measurement results to be viewed graphically.

    Main Measurement Window

    Example of 3D Measurement

    Camera Window

    Spectrum Window

    Monitor Screen Display

    Random Position Measurement
    User Friendly Reports
    Preview data in graphical formats.